The incomprehension of some, and the respect due to Internet users, leads us to clarify certain points concerning the current situation.

The imperative of subcontracting, due to overwork, has led to a financial disagreement with the artist (500 euros/month for the management of the website, the related social networks, the creation of visuals, the capture and modification of videos…). The cost of the website having never been borne by the latter, despite an initial investment in content, on his part and his assistant, we were ordered to end our activities related to its name — the "Lambert Wilson" brand being registered with the INPI in 2016, we are told. Otherwise, a summons for identity theft will be sent to us, in total ignorance of the rules relating to domain names.

Purchased in 2004 from an American cybersquatter, we are asked to release the domain name (after the website has been captured by HTTrack), to ignore the work done and the various operating costs.

Faced with intolerable aggressiveness, excessive indecency and petty intimidation, we suspend access to the website pending a fair compromise.

We are sorry for this aberrant, singular and independent escalation of our will.

May 2, 2020
The creator, administrator and sweeper of the website
(20-year-old "intimate friend" of Lambert Wilson)