Update April 3, 2020

Following a financial disagreement, Lambert Wilson orders us to end immediately, without waiting for the end of confinement, all our activities related to his name (website and social networks), stating that his name is a registered trademark.

In accordance with this injunction, we inform you of the closure of the site.

Following a threat of summons, we can no longer discuss, in public and in detail, the reasons that prompt us to make this decision.

We are preparing an article on the history of the website and our links with man.

In the meantime, for more information, please contact us by email (button at the bottom of the page). The secrecy of private correspondence is guaranteed by law (Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 226-15 and 432-9 of the French Code pénal).

We sincerely apologize for this conclusion and hope you find the information you seek on other sites.

The creator, administrator and sweeper of the site
(no income for these functions... and friend of more than 20 years of Lambert Wilson)

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