Shaping our future together

    “All these climate changes have an impact on humans”

    In crusade with the United Nations, Lambert Wilson's commitmentONU
  • Greenpeace

    Together we can change the world

    “We dig our own grave”

    Lambert Wilson supports Greenpeace for the environmentGreenpeace
  • Unesco

    For the ocean to be respected and protected

    “I became aware of the impact of the ocean on our lives”

    Lambert Wilson commits to the oceanUnesco
  • FAO

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

    Lambert Wilson's commitment to fight global hunger

    “We must act now and together to eradicate hunger. Each action counts”

  • Toit à moi

    To be indignant and ton act

    Lambert Wilson commits to housing, socializing and integrating homeless people

    “Abbé Pierre opened my eyes”

    Toit à moi
  • Rêve de cinéma

    The magic of real cinema at the hospital

    “When children can not go to the movies, it's up to the cinema to move!”

    Lambert Wilson's commitment to the democratization of cinema and culture on the big screen for children at the hospitalRêve de cinéma