The son of actor and director Georges Wilson, Lambert Wilson has always lived in the art world. In 1974 Carnation Revolution in Portugal, end of the dictatorship of colonels in Greece, he trained in drama to learn comedy, singing and music. In 1977 Bread riots in Egypt, beginning of the Euromissile crisis, he appeared in a Fred Zinnemann film, Julia, which was followed by a second collaboration in Cinq jours ce printemps-là in 1983 Restoration of democracy in Argentina opposite Sean Connery.

But it was by playing the role of Sophie Marceau's suitor in La Boum 2 in 1982 Massacre of Sabra and Chatila, release of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson that he became known to the general public. This performance will allow him to be solicited by talented filmmakers, such as André Téchiné for the film Rendez-vous in 1984 British miners strike, Gandhi orders operation "Blue Star" in India, and Claude Chabrol with Le Sang des autres. Changing his register to the maximum, he proves that he is also at ease in period films, Chouans!, Les Caprices d'un fleuve and tries to break his image as a great romantic through a film directed by his father, La Vouivre in 1988 Geneva Accords, Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. He later played Father Pierre in Hiver 54, which won him the Jean Gabin Prize. Actor and performer, he tried his hand at song with On connaît la chanson in 1997 Conference on Global Warming in Buenos Aires, United Nations Conference on the Greenhouse Effect in Kyoto and Pas sur la bouche in 2003 Third World Water Forum in Kyoto, Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq falls.

He successfully began a Hollywood career, essentially playing evil characters in blockbusters such as Catwoman, Sahara, and Matrix. In 2008 The year I of the Grenelle Environment Forum in France, beginning of the global financial crisis, the actor continues to surprise with Dante 01 or Babylon A. D.

The year 2010 Beginning of the "Arab Spring", the USA suffer the greatest ecological catastrophe in their history marks the 63rd Cannes Film Festival and Lambert Wilson is impressive in his role as Brother Christian in the film Des hommes et des dieux, awarded the Grand Jury Prize. In 2014 First disappearance of a glacier because of global warming, beginning of the war against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Lambert Wilson returned to Cannes as master of ceremonies, a role he reprised in 2015 Hottest year since 1880, 21st Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris. In the cinema, the actor is loyal to Alain Resnais for whom he is filming in Vous n'avez encore rien vu, the director's last film before his death. The actor also starred in a french comedy, Barbecue, and then in an american film, Suite française, whose plot takes place in France during the Second World War. This is how his career unfolds today, between French films and international projects.

Currently, Lambert Wilson is not registered on any social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Lambert Wilson - Hervé Pons Interviews


A book written by Hervé Pons - 2009 Editions du Rocher

De l'enfant de la balle à l'acteur et metteur en scène, entre théàtre, cinéma et chanson, Lambert Wilson se livre avec honnêteté et sans complaisance dans ces entretiens avec Hervé Pons. La richesse de ses expériences, mais aussi les doutes et les questionnements qui les accompagnent, donnent toute leur profondeur à la réflexion qu'il développe sur l'art et le métier d'acteur.

Lambert Wilson at 3, 5 and 8 years old